Easy Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean

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When life gets hectic and you have a lot going on, it feels that your apartment reflects that chaos. It may feel impossible to keep your place clean when you don’t have a lot of time, but there are some simple tips and tricks that are sure to help.

Clean As You Go

If you clean as you go then this will decrease the time needed later on to clean everything. It is a simple as cleaning the dishes after you are done or cleaning the sauce that spilled as you were cooking. It takes just a few moments, but it makes a huge difference.

Put Things Back Where You Found Them

If you are done with that blanket you have been cocooning yourself in while you binge watch Netflix, then put it back where you found it. Taking a little time to put things back in their proper place will leave your house more organized, which will provide an air of cleanliness. In terms of organization, if you have all your cleaning supplies in a caddy you can carry it around while you clean and you will not waste time and energy looking.

Have a List of Daily Chores

There are just some chores that you can’t let pile up. When you do these small chores, it will keep your place looking clean. Some of the chores that you should consider doing everyday are the dishes, cleaning the counters after cooking, sweeping the floors, and making your bed. Making your bed is one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom feel organized and clean.

Don’t Clean the House in One Day

When you wait to clean the house in one day, you tire yourself out and this just makes you unmotivated to clean the apartment next time. Designate a room to clean each day of the week. This breaks it up into manageable increments and will not tire yourself out.

Have a Pattern

When you clean a room decide which side you want to start at and work from top to bottom from the side you chose to the other side. Doing this will let you not miss any spots and you won’t be wasting energy walking back and forth.

Get Laundry Done Regularly

Do you let your smelly garbage pile up until it is unmanageable and making your entire place smell? Of course not, and your laundry should be treated similarly. Depending on how many people you live with, you should try to do at least a load each day. If you only are washing for yourself then aim for at least once a week. Letting your laundry pile up will just add stress to your schedule.


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