Local Art Exhibits To See In Olympia, WA

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The benefits of supporting local businesses are truly endless. Whether it’s a local bakery, grocery store, or café, you’re not just opening yourself up to better quality, you’re also helping out and supporting your local community. Visiting local art exhibits allows you to support your community galleries, but also broaden your cultural awareness to your neighbourhood through artwork. If you live in or are visiting Olympia, here are a few ideal local art exhibits to make sure you stop and visit.

1. Artists Cooperative Gallery

This bright, open gallery focuses on contemporary artistry from over twenty artists from the local Washington area. Open Wednesday to Sunday, this gallery truly carries it all: clayworks, sculptures, paintings, mixed-media, and much more. They host local art shows and blog about them afterwards, featuring some memorable photos from the event. The reviews are all consistent, and visitors love the variety of collections this gallery holds, finding the atmosphere very friendly, open, and inviting. Visit the Artists Cooperative Gallery and maybe even purchase a take-home to remember the local feel of Olympia.

2. Splash Gallery of Olympia

Established in 2011, the Splash Gallery of Olympia delivers fine art to the community showcasing artistic expressions from local artists. This exhibit is located along the Olympia Marina on the boardwalk – a beautiful spot to showcase Olympia artistry. Here you will find ceramics, jewelry pieces, photographs, watercolour artwork, and more to view and to purchase. Open Tuesday through Sunday, Splash Gallery offers a lot of great events like art sales, featured exhibits, and even art classes. As their slogan goes, they truly are “making a Splash in Olympia!”

3. Childhood’s End Gallery

This gallery has been working hard for over 40 years to deliver handmade work from American artists. The artwork that is showcased is considered Pacific Northwest contemporary art, and almost all the pieces are one-of-a-kind from the artists themselves. You will find art prints, woodworking, jewelry pieces, and more that exudes the effort and craftsmanship from local artists. They also have featured exhibits that showcase a particular artist and their preferred style that you can view first hand and purchase. Childhood’s End Gallery is a wonderful place that has been dedicated to delivering their community with a local art gallery for a long time.

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