Relaxing Outdoor Fun in Olympia, Washington

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Need to get out of the house and enjoy some of that sunshine? Look around Olympia and you will find plenty of parks that you can sink your feet into. Grab a football, baseball, tennis ball, or frisbee, because they’ve got it all. With multiple parks and venues, there is a place for everyone in this beautiful scenic area. Check out the parks below to see which one fits your needs!


Avonlea Park

Head over to Avonlea Park for the perfect easy outing. Constructed in 2008, this park is brand new with all of the amenities to make your family outing a blast. It has all of your favorites: a basketball court, barbeque grills, picnic shelters and tables, and playgrounds for kids of all ages. The greatest part of this park is its size, at 5.4-acres there is plenty of room to run and play. Gates open at 7:00am and close at dusk, so you can spend all day out in the sun. Keep in mind that there are no restrooms on the park.


Brooks Park

For a smaller, less extensive outing go to Brooks Park, a small neighborhood park near downtown. If you want an easily accessible place to play frisbee or toss around a ball, then this park is the place for you. Brooks Park embodies the neighborhood park stereotype with its one-acre open field, perfect for lounging and playing. Jog over to this lovely park after a long day of work or take the kids out to blow off some steam. Amenities include small parking and picnic tables.


Civic Plaza

Walk through this plaza to enjoy the sun and honor those who have fought for the Armed Forces. This monument includes a landscaped flag plaza in appreciation of the Land of the Free. If you’re want to feel patriotic or you just want to go for a beautiful walk, check out the Civic Plaza for a great time.


Core Area Plaza Parks

Been stuck in an office all day? Need to take a second to escape the building and reconnect with nature? Then these mini parks are just what you are looking for, since they are located right in the middle of the commercial district. These stunning parks are riddled with large trees, so there is plenty of room to curl up with a book in the shade and read the day away. During winter, the large fir trees are decorated with holiday lights, so be sure to come back and enjoy the holiday spirit.


Homann Park

A park that has it all and the room to enjoy it all, Homann Park is great for your next outing. Stretching 8-acres, this massive park has every amenity you can think of: barbeque grills, picnic tables and benches, drinking fountains, playgrounds, a “little league” field, a mini-soccer field, a paved path, basketball courts, and yes, even restrooms! Grab your keys, load up, and head over to the parking lot for a day of fun.


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