An Itinerary to Olympia: All the Things You Can See in One Day

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Olympia is home to some of the most unique and captivating attractions in the great state of Washington. The capital city serves as the central hub of Washington and provides its residents with an abundant source of activities and entertainment. If you’re looking to spend a truly fulfilling day in Olympia, here are some of the city’s most enjoyable spots.

Washington State Capitol

Immerse yourself in rich American culture and history. The Washington State Capitol was constructed in 1928 and has since withstood the test of time. Aside from its historical and political significance, the building serves as a monumental feat in American architecture. The Legislative Building is comprised of more than 173 million pounds of stone, brick, concrete, and steel and contains the tallest masonry dome in North America! This landmark also contains a lush, colorful landscape with over 120 different species of trees. In addition, there are 18 major art installations and monuments on the campus. The Capitol provides both guided and individual tours.

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

A great way to spend some quality time outdoors and witness diverse wildlife. The Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is a protected natural landmark containing miles of hiking trails and over 275 migratory bird species. This little patch of unhindered nature is located where the freshwater of the Nisqually River meets the saltwater of south Puget Sound. The refuge even provides a number of free educational lectures and tours.

Indian Summer and Delphi Golf Country Clubs

Indian Summer Golf and Country club was voted "Best of Nike Tour" by players and is one of the most challenging courses in Washington. The course is maintained and conditioned all year round and provides its players with abundant beauty and rich, rolling greens. Looking for something a bit more laid back? Delphi Golf Course provides an alternative option for beginner to intermediate players. The overall terrain of this course is flat, with only slight rolling landscapes, which makes it easier to play and get around.

Hands On Children’s Museum

Known as the premier provider of hands-on science and art education in Southwest Washington, this multi-level museum provides a seemingly endless source of educational fun. Full of intriguing interactive exhibits, TripAdvisor marks it as the #1 attraction in Olympia for families! Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Hands On Children’s Museum, as there is truly something to marvel in every corner of the facility. Children can attend a wide range of classes, camps, and tours while adults can partake in special after-hours parties and events.

1230 Room

After the day is done, hit the club in the heart of downtown Olympia. The 1230 Room is the city’s premier nightlife destination. Functioning through the prime hours of the night (8pm-2am), this nightclub and lounge is renowned for its drinks, dance floors, and DJ’s. If you’re looking for the ultimate night on the town, this is the ideal spot for you.

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